Sessions take placE via Skype, and are 90 minutes in length.
No meditation experience necessary. 

Events are a a great way to get to know my work and create community.

Each offering explores a specific topic
and you will leave with a clear heart,
deeper connection to spirit,
and accessible tools to nourish your life.




Together we will create a safe place for you to explore the amplitude of your inner voice, which holds the answers you’ve been looking for. First, we will set the intention. Then, I will guide you into a silence practice to become aware of your breath, your body and emotions.

After our practice, we will observe what came up and what these findings reveal. This process will encourage you to keep this practice going as you become more in-tune with what’s going on inside and how it affects your daily life.

During our session you might feel your body release energy and emotional blocks it’s been holding onto, you’ll visualize colors, images, fragments of the past or glimpses of the future all coming together to the present moment; that is the voice of your inner wisdom.

As the end of the session approaches, you will feel embraced by inner peace and a sense of awakening.


How it FEELS 


One of the main differences between silence therapy and talk therapy is that once this practice becomes second nature, you will only need your own self-guidance without relying on external gurus.

In the amplitude offered by Silence, you will develop the comfort of being in your own presence, discovering the voice of your inner wisdom; appreciating who you are in the present moment while having a glimpse of where you are headed.


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